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Struggling to enter real estate due to limited funds? Watch others profit while you’re stuck? We break financial barriers. Join us for creative financing, personalized strategies, and expert support to realize your real estate dreams. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to financial freedom.

5 Real Estate Investing Methods

1. Wholesale (Assignments) 

2. Retail (Fix & Flip) 

3. Owner Financing

4. Lease Option

5. Straight Option

“You can’t do what is popular and do well” that said, you can’t be looking at Real Estate in the same way than 90% of people trying to get a mortgage (“death pledge”) and buy through a Realtor making Cash offers paying retail.

The distinction between real estate investors and Realtors lies in our approach to ownership and asset accumulation. We consistently retain control of the property note and focus on building our asset portfolio, while Realtors primarily emphasize selling properties, often at the risk of depleting the golden goose.

If you are new here, I am Charl Hattingh, and I’ve successfully transitioned from a challenging financial situation to achieving tremendous success by following these simple strategies and business ventures as presented within hubhubgo. So here I am to help you master the art of Real Estate Investing encouraging you to get started in our finder’s fee program where you get paid $10,000 for finding me deals so you can live your dream life. Be sure to subscribe or schedule a free consultation.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Fair Market Value (FMV)

Current Market Value (CMV)

After Repair Value (ARV)

Total Capital Investment (TCI)

Equity (ARV minus TCI)

Value to Debt Equity (VtDE)

Maximum Allowable Offer (MAO)

For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

Analizing COMPS (known as comparables)
Average Price per sqft x by my per sqft = ARV
Take Average of Zillo.com, redfin.com, realtor.com

Or go to REIPro.com or Flipster for all inclusive.

Here's how it works...

You find a good "fix and flip" deal and pass it off to me.

If it meets my simple criteria, I will pay you a $10,000 finder's fee UP FRONT.

I do everything else:

- I fund the deal
- I do the rehab
- I find a buyer

You do NOT need to see these properties in person, so you can do this virtually from the comfort of your home.

You can do deals in any market in the USA but be working from any other Country no matter where you live.

Oh, and one more thing... This happens FAST.

You can get your first $10,000 check in as little as 30 days!